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Direct mail

imail is a powerful tool for executing direct mail campaigns to your clients, friends or family. It speeds up the process, slashes costs and enhances the accuracy of your mailing lists. imail is ideal for:

  • Invitations
  • Sales events
  • Product announcements
  • Special offers
  • Coupons
  • All your direct marketing communications

You create - We post - We print

Flexible campaigns

With all your direct mail services under the one roof it’s never been easier to send effective direct mailing campaigns. imail offers flexible options to tailor your direct mailing to any type or size of campaign, from small events to nationwide sales promotions. All your direct mail advertising and marketing are covered in one simple sweep with imail. Buy fully customisable data and create your marketing letter or postcard in just 3 simple steps.

Grow your business

A smart and effective direct mail marketing campaign can help your business grow by grabbing the attention of potential customers.

Simply create your mailer, attach the database and let imail take care of the rest. Now you and your staff can use the time to pursue those prospects and grow your business.

Direct mail fulfilment from imail

Direct mail fulfilment is something all businesses have to deal with. Sending out hundreds of direct mail marketing letters can be a real chore, but here at imail, we want to make life easier for you. Our direct mail fulfilment services are some of the best around, and can help with your company's direct mail marketing. You may be used to using clean mail, but we believe our direct mail services are the very best.

Make life simple - choose imail's direct mail fulfilment services

If your company has conducted their own direct mail marketing then chances are you or your staff have struggled with complicated mail merges. With imail's direct mail services they can be a thing of the past, as we will take care of all of that for you. All you need to do is simply create your mailer, attach the database of recipients and send it over to us. We, with our hybrid mail system, will then do all the hard work whilst you get on with more important tasks. Stop worrying about other types of mail services, such as clean mail, choose imail today.

What is hybrid mail?

Hybrid mail is a unique mailing method that we can use for direct mail fulfilment. It allows a user to send mail online rather than using traditional direct mail services. You have total control over what it is you want to post, but instead of having the laborious task of printing and writing envelopes, and then posting the mail off, you can send mail online to us and our direct mail fulfilment services will do the rest. Hybrid mail is the perfect choice for direct mail marketing.

Direct mail fulfilment - the way you want it

imail's direct mail services are fully customisable, allowing you total control over what direct mail marketing you want to send out. You can choose from mono and full colour, single or duplex printing and can approve any direct mail marketing campaign first. You can also upload your own designs or choose from one of our templates. All your template files are then stored in your library for use time and time again. imail also helps sharpen up your mailing lists, with its automatic postcode validation facility and a built-in returns handling solution. No-one else offers this kind of service, including clean mail.

Whatever you want to send, from invitations and product announcements to sales events and special offers, imail offers professional and speedy direct mail services at excellent prices. We offer a much more flexible option compared to other direct mail services such as clean mail. Using clean mail can be a complicated process, but with imail it couldn't be simpler.

Set your company's marketing off on the right track by choosing imail and discovering our innovative direct mail service.