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With Autolink, you can fully automate your mail processes for optimal productivity. The Autolink API is installed using a simple downloader package preconfigured to setup up the folders to drop your print ready letters into. So whether you are a Council looking to automate the process of sending Council Tax or Rent Statements or an organisation wanting to streamline the process of sending invoices, the Autolink will achieve both and much more.

imail offers consistently high levels of service, ease of use and value for money

By pre-programming set mail processes as imail Autolink functions, users can manage their mail without any manual intervention. They simply login to imail and choose from the available Autolink functions to perform operations such as:

  • Mail merging
  • Processing print-ready PDF documents
  • Viewing, adding, updating and deleting letter attachments and backgrounds
  • Printing invoices from accounting packages
  • Batch file printing from large mainframe databases

With imail configured to your own mail procedures, you can save time, minimise human error and boost productivity.