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Buy mailing lists from imail for as little as 5p per contact

The success of any mailshot depends on the quality of the mailing list used. imail data enables you to buy prospect data for as little as 5p per contact. imail has partnered with the UKs leading data list providers to ensure you get the best quality mailing lists.

You can create tightly-focused consumer lists using a range of criteria including interests, location or consumer profiles. You might want to purchase single-use data to enhance your existing lists for specific campaigns or multi-use data to continually market to the prospects.

Want to mailshot a local street?
Organisations such as Estate Agents are using imail's cost-effective "find nearest solution" to target specific home-owners in a street from as little as 5p per address. You will find this solution at the Add Addresses stage when the creating mail.

imail data

Drive sales, increase business, and develop a high standard of customer service and satisfaction with targeted mailing lists.

imail data, a new innovative service from imail allows you to build up an email list relevant to your business, saving you money by directly targeting the consumers most likely to buy.

Craft your marketing messages based on information known about individual recipients, and segments of recipients to increase your response rate via your mailing list.

Mailing list provider

For mailing lists UK based imail data can act as your mailing list provider so you can build up marketing lists specifically tailored to your target market.

Grow your email lists in just a few simple steps and from as little as 5p per contact.

If you want to increase sales, reach a larger target audience, grow your marketing lists and gain more customers then look no further than imail data.

Improve your marketing with targeted mailing lists

Marketing is an essential to any business and it is important that it is done correctly, or you may find you're attracting the wrong kind of customers, or even none at all. But once you have identified potential customers, you will want to store their data in business mailing lists or an email database to send them more marketing in the future.

This may not be an issue when you only have a few contacts to add to your business mailing lists, but should you want to increase that to hundreds or even thousands then it is going to become a bit more problematic. Time, effort and cost are all going to be impacted upon by building up a large email database, and then you have issue such as data cleansing, but with imail this need not be the case.

Buy a mailing list - the easy solution to targeted mailing lists

An easy way to build up huge targeted mailing lists is to simply buy a mailing list - and thanks to the imail data service, that couldn't be simpler. By using imail data you can purchase prospect data for as little as 5p per contact, and so you can quickly build up a healthy email database and increase the effectiveness of your bulk mailing marketing, without the hassles of issues such as data cleansing.

imail has partnered with the UK's leading data list providers to ensure you and your company get the best quality targeted mailing lists. You can create tightly-focused consumer or business mailing lists using a variety of criteria, including business type, size, locations or consumer profiles, meaning your email database can target who you want, increasing the chances of someone being interested in hearing from you.

Forget about data cleansing

Data cleansing can be a very time consuming and frustrating process. You have already built up large business mailing lists, but then have to go through it all again to ensure it is correct so that any marketing reaches its intended recipient. However, if you buy a mailing list you can forget about data cleansing as all of our email database lists are fully up-to-date with accurate information. Additionally, our iCleandata service will profile your current targeted mailing lists so you can make informed decisions about future prospective customers for your email database. imail data takes away the arduous task of data cleansing so you can concentrate on more important jobs.

Responsible mailing - another reason to buy a mailing list from imail

Although direct mail is a very useful marketing method and £16bn in annual sales comes from using business mailing lists, we know that not everyone wants to receive it. However, if you buy a mailing list from imail you can be sure that your marketing is reaching those who won't just throw it away, because all our targeted mailing lists have been suppressed against the Mail Preference Service, removing those who do not want to receive mail from business mailing lists or an email database.

A slick online system will be available soon for you to start building your targeted mailing lists, but until then please email or call 0247 771 1400. If you want to buy a mailing list then imail data is the solution for you.