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Why imail?


Cost savings

imail delivers savings of up to 60% on print, stationery, production and postage by consolidating all associated costs. imail’s two-day delivery service of a standard business letter works out 3p less than a second-class stamp!

Greater convenience

With imail, you manage your mail from the comfort of your desktop, in just three steps. The time saved can be spent on more important tasks, ultimately boosting your company’s productivity.

Coordinated mailings

imail allows you to coordinate time-sensitive mailings, and process invoices and debit reminders more quickly for enhanced cash flow.

Late posting

imail customers enjoy an extended postal deadline – until 3pm for next-day delivery or 6pm for the two-day service.

Professional-quality print

Our state-of-the-art print machines produce quality output on high-grade stock. Your usual print costs are absorbed and you never have to worry about running out of letterhead!


More effective direct mail

With an exciting range of direct mail media available, imail takes care of the mechanics, leaving you to concentrate on creating your campaigns. imail customers report greater response rates from enhanced campaigns, and increases in sales of up to 15%.

Accurate mailing lists

imail enables you to update mailing lists using our built-in returns handling solution, while our postal address validation facility adds further accuracy.

You’re in control

imail’s intuitive interface gives you all the tools you need to remain firmly in control of your business communications. You decide who can use it and who can approve which type of mail. You can even recall and archive documents and call up detailed billing reports. And with customisable templates, you can achieve greater brand consistency across all your collateral.

A greener option

By cutting out the first leg of the postal journey, your company’s carbon footprint can be reduced by as much as 80%! imail is printed on recycled paper and can be printed both sides.

Looking for franking machine suppliers? Look no further

You don't need to trawl the Internet looking for franking machine suppliers because at imail we can do all of that for you. Whilst you may think you or your company needs to buy a franking machine, it would be much more cost effective to let us worry about all of that for you. At imail, all of your franking machine costs are included in our hybrid mail service, meaning you have one less thing to worry about, ultimately boosting your company's production. You may have also considered franking machine rental, but that also comes with its own set of problems.

Don't buy a franking machine, come to imail

Don't buy a franking machine, come to imail

Franking machine costs are not cheap and to buy a franking machine can be very costly. At imail you don't have to worry about franking machine costs coming from running costs or from franking machine rental or purchase. All you have to do is send mail online to us via our website and we will take care of the rest. Why waste time looking for franking machine suppliers when imail can do it all for you?

If you buy a franking machine or go down the franking machine rental route, then you have the added concern of waiting for it to arrive, which, if the company is out of stock, could be quite a while. With imail, you can send your mail electronically to us and we'll take it from there, all done within a short space of time, something that cannot be guaranteed with franking machine suppliers or franking machine rental companies.

With franking machine rental, you also have the issue that you don't actually own the machine, which, in the long term, will increase your franking machine costs. You also have to take into account that the machine would not be new and other people will have used it. They may well have not taken care of it and you may be left with a defective machine. Also, should you damage the machine, the franking machine suppliers will send you the bill; something your company could do without.

Give yourself a break - don't worry about franking machine costs

Having to rent or buy a franking machine to frank countless numbers of letters can be a real chore; your time could be better spent on numerous other, more important tasks. In the time it takes to do a quick search for franking machine suppliers or franking machine rental, you could have sent us your post through our website and be getting on with other jobs, whilst we print, frank and post the mail for you. Not only will this dramatically reduce your franking machine costs, but it will save you time and effort too.

Why buy a franking machine? imail's innovative mail service can do all the hard work for you.