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Post from desktop to doormat

Nothing beats the impact of real post. Emails and eshots may be instant but how many actually get opened and read? imail offers the best of both services, while bringing you cost savings, increased sales, total control and even a reduction in your carbon footprint.

You create - we print - we post

imail is a unique hybrid mail service that allows you to create, proof and send business and personal communications directly from your computer (PC, laptop or Apple device). No printing, stuffing envelopes or rushing to the post office. Simply create your letter or card and we will print it the same day for delivery the next day or two days later. Not only can you process letters and cards, you can also send direct mail campaigns, payslips, reminders and other mass mailings. With an intuitive interface and design templates if you need them, you remain in complete control at all times.

Just-in-time marketing

imail speeds up marketing campaigns by enabling you to skip the physical process of printing and mailing. By letting us take care of that, your campaign can leverage the very latest data for up-to-the-minute communications. It’s flexible, too: mailshots can be tailored to target individual customers or groups.

A dynamic process

imail is designed for forward-looking businesses who want to take control of their printed communications. imail's easy-to-use interface allows you to manage your account, with attractive design templates, mailing lists and a host of options to maximise your business mail. Once set up, you can process your mailings in just three steps: create your mail, add the addresses and preview and post. Quick, simple and all for less than the cost of a stamp.

You create - We post - We print

Send Communications Quickly and Conveniently

If you are looking for a quick, convenient and green corporate mailing service, imail offers a unique solution guaranteed to get you results. We offer the best of both worlds when it comes to real and electronic mail, offering a comprehensive 'you create, we print, we post' solution that takes care of the entire corporate post process from start to finish.

Through our innovative website you can create, proof and send business and personal communications from your computer - whether a letter, card, payslip, direct mail campaign media or reminder - and we will print it for you on the same say for next or two-day delivery. This results in more convenience, quicker lead times and significant cost-savings for you.

The Benefits of imail's Corporate Mailing Service

No more printing or queuing up at the Post Office when you want to send out marketing paraphernalia with imail's discount corporate postage solution. We take care of this for you, leaving you to focus on other more important tasks and free-up your resources. Our customers also benefit from extended postal deadlines with our corporate mailing solutions, offering you further convenience.

Our inclusive corporate mailing solutions also offer you more control than most other postage methods, as our user-friendly interface gives you access to your account fully; in addition to the templates, mailing lists, hybrid mail, billing reports and archive documents available to you. When this is set up, sending corporate post regularly from your PC or laptop at the office is simpler than ever.

Our discount corporate postage solution can save you up to 60% in costs, which you would otherwise be spending on printing, stationery, document production and postage. You don't have to sacrifice great quality prints if you use our corporate mailing services, either; as we use state-of-the-art machinery to create all of our corporate post. You can make the most of discount corporate postage whilst offering clients, business partners and employees high-grade prints.

If your brand employs strict eco-conscious principles, our discount corporate postage helps you adhere to this. imail corporate post is printed on recycled paper - even on both sides, if necessary - and we cut out the first leg of the postal journey entirely to reduce the carbon footprints of both ourselves and our clients.

Office Corporate Mailing Solutions

If you are looking for a cost-efficient, flexible corporate mailing service for your office, imail can deliver. We can offer our clients a comprehensive and unique discount corporate postage solution that incorporates the quality, low-cost, green credentials and convenience we know you prioritise for your company's corporate post.

Brand image can make or break a company, with first impressions accounting for a great deal of business losses and profits. With imail's corporate mailing solutions, you can guarantee partners and clients quick mail deliveries and professional-looking prints that will speak volumes about the expertise and conscientious nature of your brand.

Whether it's sales letters, appointment cards or monthly brochures - our corporate mailing service will tend to and exceed your requirements. Please don't hesitate to contact a member of our friendly team today to find out how imail's corporate mailing solutions could assist you.